Just some of the services we can Provide:

Worker compensation coverage and claim resolution, Safety review and policy development, Unemployment claims management, Government reporting and agency interface, Employment records management, Wage claims and audits, OSHA, EEOC, BOLI ADA, FMLA, ADEA Title VII, HIPAA, Payroll processing, Payroll tax filing, FICA, FUTA, SUTA, Insurance procurement, Garnishments, Quarterly reports, Human resources management reports, W-2's, Employment verification, Background checks, Pre-employment testing, Drug testing, and more call now for more info! For our client contract download,


Temporary Employees

Employees can be used for many needs. Employers can utilize temporary workers full or part-time to supplement their regular workforce during periods of growth or special projects or to replace permanent employees who are temporarily unable to work due to vacations, illnesses, injuries and etc.

Temporary Regular Conversion

Regular Conversion is closely related to temporary help. Sometimes referred to as "Try before you hire", this is the practice of using temporary workers with the intent of ultimately hiring them directly for a permanent position within a company. This hiring method lets Coastal Employment Services perform the recruiting and screening, payroll, bookkeeping, and all tax and insurance payments. Employers just decide if the employee is right for the company while avoiding costly hiring mistakes.

Leased Employees

This is a staffing arrangement whereby all of a company's employees are transferred to the payroll of Coastal Employment Services. This allows you to retain essential management control over the work force while we assume the responsibility of wage reporting, workers compensation insurance and employment taxes and forms requirements for federal and state.

Coastal Temp Services In Short!

When you need extra help, call on Coastal Employment Services to supply you with workers skilled in positions ranging from construction to clerical....sales to technical....and everything in between. Call now for more info on all the services we can help you and or your business grow!