Our Mission "Saftey, Quality, Service."

Our mission is to provide the best possible staffing solutions to employers as well as providing employment opportunities to jobseekers. Our services are tailored to both clients and employees to provide the highest level of productivity and safety for each individual need.

Provided free of charge in our services we offer:

  • Compensation Claims Management
  • Loss Prevention Analysis
  • Employee Training
  • Full Time Safety Coordinator
  • On Site Safety Review
  • In-House Safety Room
  • Industry Specific Literature / Video's
  • Equipment Certification
  • We can hold your Safety Meetings, document and file all related paper work in our office.


    Application & Employee Handbook

    Want to join the team at coastal temps employment services? Simply click the link below and then print, sign and fax.

    Latest W2

    The IRS requires employers to report wage and salary information for employees on Form W-2. Your W-2 also reports the amount of federal, state and other taxes withheld from your paycheck.

    Time Card

    Need our time card we have it here in pdf form make sure you have adobe acrobat reader so you can view it. Coastal temps is not liable from any adobe products!

    Coastal Temp Saftey Manual

    All employees of Contractor's Clearing House, Inc. and Coastal Employment Services will be required to attend a General Safety Orientation conducted by a person or persons designated byContractor's Clearing House, Inc. and Coastal Employment Services and agree to abide by the general safety rules, policies, and standards established by Contractor's Clearing House, Inc. and Coastal Employment Services. Because, as a leased or temporary employee, you will perform your actual work for a client company, you will receive further safety orientation and training that will include specific standards of the industry or type of business you are working in as well as emergency procedures particular to your workplace. You are required at all times to follow all safety rules and procedures of the business and industry in which you are working. If you do not know or understand a safety requirement, ask your on-site supervisor before you proceed.

    Be alert! Accidents hurt!