Contractor's Clearing House, Inc.


d.b.a. Coastal Employment Services

Contractor's Clearing House, Inc. dba Coastal Temps started out in Lincoln City as a company pooling small local business owners together in order to get not only affordable insurance rates, but to help local business owners become compliant with OR-OSHA regulations. Small business owners on their own could end up paying a $2,000 to $5,000 deposit on top of the expensive cost of Workers' Compensation Coverage for hiring just one employee needed for only for a short time. They also had the problem of minimum payroll requirements; if they couldn't meet these, it left them with no choice but to work in violation. Contractor's Clearing House dba Coastal Temps streamlined the employment burden allowing small business owners to become "compliant" by leasing temporary workers and relieving them of all the paperwork hassles.

The need in Lincoln City for hassle free hiring in a variety of fields led to the evolution of Coastal Temps. Now small businesses, retailers, restaurants, homeowners, etc. are finding the benefits of employee leasing and temp personnel. Perhaps its greatest benefit is that it enables a business owner to focus all of their limited resources on the actual business and not on time consuming paper work and deadlines.