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About Coastal Temps Employment Servcies

Contractor's Clearing House, Inc. dba Coastal Temps started out in Lincoln City as a company pooling small local business owners together in order to get not only affordable insurance rates, but to help local business owners become compliant with OR-OSHA regulations. Small business owners on their own could end up paying a $2,000 to $5,000 deposit on top of the expensive cost of Workers' Compensation Coverage for hiring just one employee needed for only for a short time. They also had the problem of minimum payroll requirements; if they couldn't meet these, it left them with no choice but to work in violation. Contractor's Clearing House dba Coastal Temps streamlined the employment burden allowing small business owners to become "compliant" by leasing temporary workers and relieving them of all the paperwork hassles.

The need in Lincoln City for hassle free hiring in a variety of fields led to the evolution of Coastal Temps. Now small businesses, retailers, restaurants, homeowners, etc. are finding the benefits of employee leasing and temp personnel. Perhaps its greatest benefit is that it enables a business owner to focus all of their limited resources on the actual business and not on time consuming paper work and deadlines.

Check out below what we can offer you here at Coastal Temps.
lincoln city employment services Your full service off site human resources department. We work individually with all of our clients to tailor our services to your needs. We can provide your business with hiring, payroll, employee tax filing, Workers' Compensation, safety policies, employment policies job descriptions, wage and hour compliance, policies & procedures, employee disciplinary actions, and more.
lincoln city employment services We can help you streamline the staffing needs of your business. We work individually with all of our clients to tailor our services to your needs. From temporary part time to full time permanent employees. We can provide your business with advertising, interviewing, reference checks, background checks, drug testing, driving record inquiries, and more..
lincoln city employment services Our full payroll services provide your business with full workers' compensation insurance, federal and state withholding tax, federal and state unemployment tax, employer and employee FICA tax, payroll tax report filing quarterly and annually, prevailing wage reports, garnishments, and more.
lincoln city employment services We can provide your business with group rate insurance, leased policies, claims management, employer at injury programs, fraud control, loss data reporting, preferred worker programs, audits, renewals, deposits, and more.

Want to join the team?

For a application for employment click on the button below. Please note you will need adobe pdf reader to view and print out the application. Once it is filled out bring it in signed with proper id and lets find some work.

human resources

Coastal Temps Programs

TEMPORARY EMPLOYEES can be used for many needs. Employers can utilize temporary workers full or part-time to supplement their regular workforce during periods of growth or special projects or to replace permanent employees who are temporarily unable to work due to vacations, illnesses, injuries and etc.

TEMPORARY TO REGULAR CONVERSION is closely related to temporary help. Sometimes referred to as "Try before you hire", this is the practice of using temporary workers with the intent of ultimately hiring them directly for a permanent position within a company. This hiring method lets Coastal Employment Services perform the recruiting and screening, payroll, bookkeeping, and all tax and insurance payments. Employers just decide if the employee is right for the company while avoiding costly hiring mistakes.

LEASED EMPLOYEES This is a staffing arrangement whereby all of a company's employees are transferred to the payroll of Coastal Employment Services. This allows you to retain essential management control over the work force while we assume the responsibility of wage reporting, workers compensation insurance and employment taxes and forms requirements for federal and state.

Employee Resources

Safety Manually

All employees of Contractor's Clearing House, Inc. and Coastal Employment Services will be required to attend a General Safety Orientation conducted by a person or persons designated byContractor's Clearing House, Inc. and Coastal Employment Services and agree to abide by the general safety rules, policies, and standards established by Contractor's Clearing House, Inc. and Coastal Employment Services. Because, as a leased or temporary employee, you will perform your actual work for a client company, you will receive further safety orientation and training that will include specific standards of the industry or type of business you are working in as well as emergency procedures particular to your workplace. You are required at all times to follow all safety rules and procedures of the business and industry in which you are working. If you do not know or understand a safety requirement, ask your on-site supervisor before you proceed.


Benfitis working with Coastal Temps Employment Services:

  • Compensation Claims Management
  • Loss Prevention Analysis
  • Employee Training
  • Full Time Safety Coordinator
  • On Site Safety Review
  • In-House Safety Room
  • Industry Specific Literature / Video's
  • Equipment Certification
  • Want to join the team and become a vauable assets to the fastest growing temp agency on teh Oregon Coast? Simply click and fill the application out below.



    Our Current W2

    The IRS requires employers to report wage and salary information for employees on Form W-2. Your W-2 also reports the amount of federal, state and other taxes withheld from your paycheck. As an employee, the information on your W-2 is extremely important when preparing your tax return.

    Click the button below for the latest w2 form.





    Time Cards

    A time clock, sometimes known as a clock card machine or punch clock or time recorder, is a mechanical (or electronic) timepiece used to assist in tracking the hours worked by an employee of a company. Sence we do not have a time clock we would like u 2 use a time sheet, simply click the link below for the pdf version of our time sheet fill it out and hand it to Jesse.







    Contacts Us

    1609 NW Hwy 101, Lincoln City, Oregon 97367
    Phone 541-996-2800

    Fax: 541-994-7129


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